3/4 Fisherman Pants Shorts – Purple Cotton


3/4 Purple cotton fisherman pants. Todays must have boho wear

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3/4 Fisherman Pants shorts – PurpleĀ Cotton

3/4 Purple cotton fisherman pants shorts are what most people term “Hippie Pants”. Purple just feels so liberating.

Loose fitting, one size fits most all purpose hippie pants. Great for lazing around the house or going boho to your next party.

Quick Info

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 1 size fits most – fully adjustable
  • Length: 77cm (30 Inches)
  • Width: 127cm (54 Inches)
  • quality stitching that will last you a long time.


how to wear fisherman pants guide

People wear purple 3/4 fisherman pants shorts. The new must have casual boho wear.

Additional information

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